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Fredericton Power and Sail Squadron

Your boating season is a 12 month event with Canada’s National Boating Club.

The Fredericton Power and Sail Squadron is made up of 108 members who have joined together to promote safe boating education.

Each year  we have between 150-200  boaters from FYC, CCC, OBC, MSA and the general public  attend our free Boat Talks, Social Events, Class Room Courses and On-The-Water Training.

Join now and your $46 membership makes your part of the action. https://www.cps-ecp.ca/public/public.asp?rWCE=C=47%7CK=234895%7CRefreshT=234953%7CRefreshS=LeftNav%7CRefreshD=2349531

We are now ready to begin a new training season with courses and seminars which we hope will provide options for boaters of mixed experience.  See our Up Coming Course tab for details on our 2 Navigation Courses, Weather Course and VHF Radio Course.

Visit and Like our Facebook page to keep on top of our many events. https://www.facebook.com/Fredericton-Power-and-Sail-Squadron-251132482249/

eMail us at 506Boat@gmail.com and ask to be on our mailinhg list…

Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons (CPS-ECP)

Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons (CPS-ECP) is a committed community of experienced boaters inspiring others to adopt a safe boating attitude through education and training. Since CPS-ECP has been connecting boaters and continues to play a major role in Canadian boating culture.

We are a nationwide not for profit organization with over 20,000 active members. Our instructors and programs help recreational boaters improve their boating safety knowledge as well as their vessel handling and navigation skills. Https://CPS-ECP.ca