On-Line Pleasure Craft Operator Card

An Overview

Pleasure Craft Operator Cards (PCOC) received through the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons are the only PCOC cards accredited by the Canadian Coast Guard, the United States Coast Guard, and all applicable US State boating authorities. If you plan on boating in the US you will want a PCOC issued by us.

Follow this linke to your On-Line Course https://www.cps-ecp.ca/public/pcoc.asp?WCE=A=Body|C=32|K=S235672

Accredited by Transport Canada
Recognized by the US Coast Guard
Online Boating Basics Guide

Unlimited retries to pass the final test
We recommend the use of Google ChromeInternet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefoxbrowsers.

Not compatible with mobile devices like: (iPad, Android … etc.)

Canada’s Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations require all operators of pleasure craft fitted with any type of motor and used for recreational purposes to carry proof of competency on board.



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